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491.0045�??Intern registration; requirements.

491.0045 Intern registration; requirements.— 08/06/2022

(1) An individual who has not satisfied the postgraduate or post-master’s level experience requirements, as specified in s. 491.005(1)(c), (3)(c), or (4)(c), must register as an intern in the profession for which he or she is seeking licensure before commencing the post-master’s experience requirement or an individual who intends to satisfy part of the required graduate-level practicum, internship, or field experience, outside the academic arena for any profession, and must register as an intern in the profession for which he or she is seeking licensure before commencing the practicum, internship, or field experience.

(2) The department shall register as a clinical social worker intern, marriage and family therapist intern, or mental health counselor intern each applicant who the board certifies has:

(a) Completed the application form and remitted a nonrefundable application fee not to exceed $200, as set by board rule;

(b)1. Completed the education requirements as specified in s. 491.005(1)(c), (3)(c), or (4)(c) for the profession for which he or she is applying for licensure, if needed; and

2. Submitted an acceptable supervision plan, as determined by the board, for meeting the practicum, internship, or field work required for licensure that was not satisfied in his or her graduate program.

(c) Identified a qualified supervisor.

(3) An individual registered under this section must remain under supervision while practicing under registered intern status.

(4) An individual who fails to comply with this section may not be granted a license under this chapter, and any time spent by the individual completing the experience requirement as specified in s. 491.005(1)(c), (3)(c), or (4)(c) before registering as an intern does not count toward completion of the requirement.

(5) An intern registration is valid for 5 years.

(6) A registration issued on or before March 31, 2017, expires March 31, 2022, and may not be renewed or reissued. Any registration issued after March 31, 2017, expires 60 months after the date it is issued. The board may make a one-time exception to the requirements of this subsection in emergency or hardship cases, as defined by board rule, if the candidate has passed the theory and practice examination described in s. 491.005(1)(d), (3)(d), and (4)(d).

(7) An individual who has held a provisional license issued by the board may not apply for an intern registration in the same profession.

History.—s. 10, ch. 97-198; s. 202, ch. 97-264; s. 165, ch. 99-397; s. 1, ch. 2016-80; s. 48, ch. 2016-241; s. 43, ch. 2020-133.


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